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Gone are the days of tiresomely pumping away at your manual pump sprayer only to get a few good squirts out of it. At Snow Foam, we're all about easy, effective cleaning and we're bringing car care into 2022 with the Snow Foam E-FOAMER. 

An all-electric, foam and mist sprayer capable of producing a thick, luxurious blanket of foam, at the simple press of a button.

No pressure washers, No Garden Hoses, No Pumping!


  • Large 1.8L Tank  Great for diluting your favourite cleaning solutions
  • Transparent strip with volume measurement markings
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery with water-sealed charging port 
  • Durable Bottle and copper motor for a variety of cleaning chemicals
  • Compliant with Australian Safety Standards

Perfect For:

  • Apartment Living or those without easy power or water connection 
  • Car Detailers and Mobile Detailers
  • Bicycle and Motorbike Owners
  • Boat and Jet ski Owners 
  • Home, Bathroom & Garden use

How Does it Work? 

The Snow Foam E-FOAMER makes foaming super simple.

  1. Charge it up using the provided USB charger into a 9V or 5V charger
  2. Fill it up with your favourite cleaning solution and turn it on
  3. Wait for the E-FOAMER to fully pressurise itself (~30 seconds)
  4. Spray your desired area of cleaning

A quick switch over to the nozzle sprayer and you can spray a fine mist of your favourite cleaning products - ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE PUMP ACTION!

What You'll Receive

  • Snow Foam E-FOAMER
  • Foam Nozzle and Foaming Inlet
  • Mist Nozzle 
  • 2 Gaskets
  • USB Charging Cable 
  • 1 Year Warranty