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Snow Foam Australia

Snow Foam Sample Kit

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Limited Release. 

This neat package contains all your most favourite Snow Foam products.  Keep it in the car and have the car care essentials readily available.

This kit will allow you to get to know Snow Foam's extended range beyond our famous Snow Foam range. 

Introduce yourself to Snow Foam's Range

Signature Spray Wax (100mL) 
A simple spray on, wipe off deep post-clean gloss

Clear - Window Cleaner (100ml) 
Streak-free window cleaner safe on tint

Purple - Brake Dust Dissolver (100mL)
Iron Decontaminant that's pH Neutral for wheel and body cleaning

Interior Cleaner (100mL)
Dash, plastic and vinyl interior cleaner for the best driver's experience

Tire Shine (100mL) 
Top it off with deep gloss tires for the complete clean look

This is a great opportunity to sample Snow Foam's Exterior Range and see how quick yet effective cleaning your car's exterior can be.