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Snow Foam Australia

Quick Detailer

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Mist on and buff off to unleash a slick, deep shine in between your weekend washes.

Quick Detailer is a surface spot treatment to remove contaminants before they can bond to your paint. Spray onto the contaminated surface, and wipe with a folded microfibre cloth, then dry with the other clean side.

Quick Detailer is specifically formulated with cleaning and protecting agents to leave your panels feeling slick and smooth and can double up as a rinse aid by misting on to your drying towel to leave a water repelling finish.

  • Fast spot cleaning
  • Spray and wipe off 
  • Protects wax and coatings
  • Slick Panel Finish
  • Streak Free Finish
  • Swipe away water spots 
  • Water repelling paint properties